2019 McLaren Senna Release date, Price


After amazing success of their P1 model, McLaren will soon release its successor on the market. Future hypercar produced by this British manufacturer will be sold as 2019 McLaren Senna. Upcoming  Senna P15 for 2019 was caught during testing. Camouflaged prototype was based on 720S model. Speaking of McLaren Senna design, it will probably get new and unique design. One thing is almost sure, and that is its body construction, which will be made of carbon fiber.  Front fascia will most likely feature famous boomerang-shaped headlights and LED daytime running lights. Rear end could be equipped with massive retractable wing, but we will have to wait and see the production version. Roof design will be offered in two different versions, first one is standard carbon fiber version, while optional choice is full-glass roof. Speaking of McLaren Senna 2019 interior design, it will most likely have three-seat configuration. Although this solution looks strange and unusual, it was already used on the famous McLaren F1 model. In this layout, drivers position is set in the middle of the car, while two passenger seats are on the left and on the right behind the driver. Other details about interior are still a mystery. However, we do expect to see leather and carbon fiber details inside the cabin.

2019 McLaren Senna engine performance specs

2019 McLaren Senna engine could be their famous 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 unit. This strong and powerful V8 engine is capable of developing 789 horsepower, which is about 10% more power than the P1 model. 2019 Senna will be more than 500 pounds lighter than its predecessor will. This means that future McLaren Senna could have even better driving characteristics and overall performance. It is expected that Senna can reach 60 mph in only 2.6 seconds, along with top speed set around 220 mph. Other speculations indicate that P15 Senna could be powered by improved 4.0-liter V8 engine, with possible addition of several electric motors. If this version goes to the production, at the end 2019 Senna could have around 1,000 horsepower.


2019 McLaren Senna release date and price review

2019 McLaren Senna price is still a mystery for the public. Rumors about the price goes from $1.1 million, and goes all the way up to $2.5 million. 2019 McLaren Senna release date is expected in 2019.


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