2019 toyota avalon release date price
Full-size sedan segment is certainly one of the most interesting segments in the automotive industry. Toyota has its own model on the market, and it is called Avalon. Current version of Avalon has been on the market since 2015. New Toyota model was spotted during road testing. Although it was […]

2019 Toyota Avalon Release date, Price

2019 Subaru Forester release date price
Subaru Forester SUV is one of the best selling cars in the Sports Utility Vehicles segment. Current version of Forester was released back in 2013. Although it was not so long ago, if Subaru wants to stay competitive on the market, they would have to refresh their lineup. This probably […]

2019 Subaru Forester Release date, Price

2019 toyota tundra release date price
Current version of Toyota Tundra was revealed back in 2006. During this period, Tundra got only small design changes and improvements. Now we are expecting to see new 2019 Toyota Tundra. It is still uncertain if future Tundra 2019 will be only redesign or completely new model. Considering what Toyota […]

2019 Toyota Tundra Release date, Price

2019 Mercedes CLS release date price.
┬áMercedes CLS was spotted on the road during testing. Current version of Mercedes CLS was released back in 2010. Future 2019 Mercedes CLS was spotted on the road during testing. Although new CLS 2019 was highly camouflaged, it looks like it is going to be based on the new E-Class […]

2019 Mercedes CLS Release date, Price

2019 Volkswagen Arteon release date price
Volkswagen Passat CC had some great market success after it was released back in 2008. However, in recent years this model is not doing so well at all. Redesigned model with new name CC did not achieve desired expectations. Now they have decided to replace this model with new 2019 […]

2019 Volkswagen Arteon Release date, Price

2019 hyundai santa fe release date price
Hyundai is famous for their very successful Santa Fe SUV. Recently, Santa Fe was best-selling Hyundai car on the US market. Korean manufacturer will now release new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. This model was already spotted in Germany during road testing and development. We could notice that future 2019 […]

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Release date, Price

2019 Chevrolet Corvette C8 engine specs
Spy photographs of future 2019 Chevrolet Corvette C8 were taken during road testing. Although previous versions were characterized by rear-wheel drive and front-mounted engine, this is going to be changed for upcoming 2019 Corvette. Actually, Corvette C8 2019 will be first production car model of this car to feature mid-mounted […]

2019 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Release date

2019 GMC Sierra engine fuel economy specs
Future 2019 GMC Sierra has been spotted during road testing in California. This new Sierra 2019 should share most of it production details with Silverado truck. Biggest change on upcoming Sierra GMC is going to be chassis. Production platform that will be used by GMC for new Sierra will be […]

2019 GMC Sierra Release date, price

2019 Ford Focus release date price
Future 2019 Ford Focus was spotted during road testing in cold weather conditions. Although this Ford car was highly camouflaged, it was obvious that we are looking at forth-generation of Ford Focus. Production of upcoming 2019 Focus will be based on the same C-Class platform, which was already used on […]

2019 Ford Focus Release date, Price

2019 Cadillac CT8 release date price review
After releasing CT6 luxury sedan on the market, Cadillac also announced that they would produce even bigger luxury sedan model. Time has come for the new 2019 Cadillac CT8 to hit the road very soon. IT is expected that future 2019 CT8 will be based on the Escala concept and […]

2019 Cadillac CT8 Release date, Price